Anglais – écrit d’invention

  • Après avoir visionné en classe L’Incroyable destin de Harold Crick, film réalisé par Marc Forster, nous avons dû modifier l’histoire du personnages principal, tout en en gardant quelques éléments importants afin de ne pas trop s’éloigner du scénario original 
 » Harold Crick was an insurer taxes, leads a life without relief, boring and repetitive. Thirty-year-old single, disillusioned by life, he seems unable to escape from his monotonous existence. His daily life was perfectly tuned to the minute thanks to a watch that he never leaves. Every morning, Harold woke up at 7 am. Took a shower. Brushing his teeth by exactly 54 downward movement and 45 upwards. He dressed, go to the bus stop by running to get to work. Harold followed the same pattern for 13 years now. His work brought him no satisfaction. Considered by all as a curiosity because of his mathematical talents, he had only one colleague who could be likened to a friend, Dave. Although similar to him in many points, their relationship was very superficial. Days passed, tirelessly. Nothing seemed to break his repetitive existence.

However, one morning Harold was sent to a bakery to meet the owner due to many unpaid. Thus Harold made the acquaintance of a woman, Ana Pascal. She was the exact opposite of him : extrovert, impulsive and full of humor. Harold was immediately charmed by this young woman, although fully aware of the gap between them. Ana Pascal seemed insensitive to Harold, even if she was polite to him. Harold left the shop, setting a professional appointment with Mrs. Pascal few days later, to settle her legal disputes. On the way back leading to his apartment, Harold kept thinking of what he should changed in his personality to seduce Ana Pascal. Then, he spent the whole evening to imagine what his life would be if he was a different.

The next morning, he felt that something had changed in him. Every movement, every action, was commented by a voice in his head. Something like a consciousness, but stronger. It was like a force that seemed to have an influence on him. For example, the voice advised him to dress differently. To act in a way completely opposite to usual. Harold wanted desperate lead a new life, so he followed his advice. Thus, he started a fight in the street with a stranger. He won. He did not know why he did it, because usually he tried to avoid conflict. It was like a desire he could not ignore. He felt strong, almost invincible. He was alive and he felt it. Something that he had never known before. Gradually, Harold discovered a new way of living and seeing things. the voice urged him to get rid of social rules, which quickly had an impact on his work. But he did not care. His goal now was to live his life as he saw fit. He started drinking, a lot. He completely abandoned his past life to indulge in various thefts, which allowed him to earn a living. For the first time, Harold had the feeling of being free. He was no longer a victim of the modern society, a prisoner of his daily life. One night he was hanging out in dark alleys looking for a person to steal, he followed a young woman, hoping to steal her bag. When he pushed her against a wall, threatening her with a knife, she cried, begging him to let her live. That’s when, he recognized Ana Pascal. He had completely forgotten her during the last weeks. All his feelings rose to the surface. He felt strong feelings for her, but could not remove the knife under her throat. He could not let her go. The cutting blade was against her neck. He had only to move a bit to take his life. This thought shocked him. However, the voice in his head, more present than ever yelled « Kill her ». Harold then realized he had a problem. He was dangerous to others, even for those he used to love. He fell on the ground, striking his head supplicating for the voices stop. He rose with difficulty, staggering. Ana Pascal had disappeared.

Shocked, now aware of his physiological disorder, he ran through the streets at random. He does not know how, Harold was on the railing of the bridge Harrison Street Bridge gazing the dark water that seemed to attract him. Drops of sweat beaded on his face. The blank look, words constantly echoed in his head: « Do it ».  »


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